Plan Punta Gorda

2019 City-Wide Master Plan

Plan Punta Gorda is an opportunity to define the city for generations to come: strengthening existing neighborhoods, guiding the form of new ones, and shaping community spaces to reinforce character and increase economic value. Lead planning firm Dover, Kohl & Partners is thrilled to work with the City of Punta Gorda, on this important initiative. The planning process will be a multi-year effort resulting in a comprehensive city-wide master plan which provides implementation strategies based on Smart Growth and New Urbanism for guiding development and growth that recognizes, includes and enhances Punta Gorda’s history, the socio-economic emerging trends, and changes anticipated in the future by:
  • Preserving the historic character and charm of the City

  • Managing future growth and change

  • Providing for orderly and predictable development

  • Protecting environmental resources

  • Maximizing economic development potential

  • Focusing residential development in key areas

  • Setting priorities for developing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities

  • Creating a framework for future policy decisions

  • Ensuring the goals of all City residents (full-time & seasonal), business owners/proprietors, environmental and

  • Citizen initiated group(s), and other community stakeholders are reflected in the vision


The best plans reflect authentic community input, and there will be many ways for residents to engage with this plan. This website will help you navigate those opportunities. For example, click on the tab that says “ENGAGE” above to tell us what’s most important to you in Punta Gorda. Click the “EVENTS” tab to find out about upcoming public engagement events. Or click “RESOURCES” to find summaries of previous plan events and copies of maps and presentations as they become available.